The Future is Here with Samsung’s 8K QLED Televisions

Samsung aims to take television purchasers into the future with it’s 2019 line of QLED 8K televisions. The company recently unveiled their new line of televisions which aims to revolutionize the viewing experience now and for technology that is yet to arrive.

The televisions look fantastic with amazing picture quality that brings whatever is on screen to HDR life. To achieve that Samsung’s 8K QLEDs employ a staggering 33 million pixels of information to produce a picture that is four times the resolution of 4K. With no 8K programming available, Samsung’s Quantum Processor uses AI to upscale current content to near 8K quality. The interesting thing about the AI employed by Samsung is that it is continuously learning through what the company calls machine learning. This constant updating of algorithms and Samsung’s visual database means that Blu-Ray movies, games or streaming content that you watch now will look even better in future viewings as the system learns how to process the images and make them even sharper.

The QLED’s offer a lot, not just for those who want to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones or watch a show on Netflix. Gamers will also get the full 8K experience with the QLED’s Real Game Enhancer. According to Samsung this piece of innovation will produce 15.4ms input lag for a real time reaction experience. That combined with Freesync and HDR gaming will allow for stutter free game play with no tearing or dropped frames.

There is a setting called Black Optimizer which controls the level of black on screen and is particularly helpful in first person shooters. This feature allows you to see people in the shadows without having to pause the game to adjust brightness levels when moving between locations or scenes with variable lighting levels. Another benefit for gamers is the fact that there is also a no burn guarantee on these televisions. With the set’s Colour Volume 100% rich colours are always achieved even when brightness levels are elevated. The QLED’s Ultra Viewing Angle feature also provides a maximum viewing experience for colour, deep blacks and sharp resolution from all angles.

The 8K lineup features 65, 75, 82 and 98 inch displays. The true brilliance of the QLED’s can really be seen as the size of the screen increases. One of the aspects of the QLEDs that help to produce the dynamic pictures is the fact that the pixels are lit from behind. This makes the televisions a little thicker than sets that are lit from the side but they are still quite thin and sit flush against a wall with Samsung’s No Gap Wall-Mount. In a bid to eliminate the multitude of cables that can arise from having a flat screen TV as part of a home theater, the QLED’s use a One Invisible Connection System. The system is a single cable that runs from the set to the One Connect Box which powers the TV and connects game systems and Blu-ray players.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve with your gaming and TV watching pursuits then Samsung’s line of QLED 8K may be for you. With stunning picture quality, dynamic sound and no need to worry that your TV will be obsolete due to new broadcast standards or with 8K support on systems like the upcoming PS5 on the horizon it seems that the future is already here.