The Beauty of Horror Coloring Book is SPOOK-tacular

Make Mischief with The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats Halloween Coloring Book
Alan Robert’s Bestselling Coloring Book Series Returns with All-Hallows Hijinks

SAN DIEGO, CA (February 13, 2019) – Ghouliana, the adorably undead star of the adult coloring book phenomenon Beauty of Horror, takes Mischief Night to a whole new level with Alan Robert’s upcoming holiday SPOOK-tacular, The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats, published by IDW!

Trick-or-Treaters beware – while you fill your jack ‘o lantern to the brim with delicious delights, keep an eye out for all of Ghouliana’s contaminated candies… lest you take a fatal bite! She has already dismantled Christmas with The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmascoloring book, so now it’s time to turn her attention to Hallow’s Eve with brand-new FANG-tastic designs! With one-sided, perforated pages measuring 7” x 7”, Tricks and Treats allows you to decorate your haunt with GORE-geously macabre masterpieces for everyone to see!

“I’ve never seen anything like it!” exclaims creator Alan Robert. “The passion of Beauty of Horror fans around the world continues to blow my mind, and it’s truly because of their creativity that this series is such a crazy success. Seeing what they accomplish through their color work every day, inspires me to expand Ghouliana’s universe even more. Expect lots of creepy new characters to be introduced in Tricks and Treats this year!”

Enjoy a video preview of the Tricks and Treats Halloween Coloring Book here.

The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats is now available for pre-order via online booksellers and comic book specialty retailers. Visit to find a store near you.

The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats Halloween Coloring Book

by Alan Robert
ISBN 978-1-68405-603-3
$12.99 (US)
64-page, black-and-white squarebound softcover, 7″ x 7″