Writer: Cavan Scott 
Artist: Andie Tong 
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: September 6, 2017
After disappearing following his skirmish with the demon Azazel, Jin Kazama has recently resurfaced, recruiting several of the world’s greatest fighters to help him retrieve a rare artefact from within the Zaibatsu archives before it can fall into the hands of his diabolical grandfather Heihachi.
Discovering the true nature of the artifact — an imprisoned Angel — Jin was confronted by Heihachi, who plans to imbue himself with the Angel gene and gain phenomenal powers to rival that of Jin and his son, Kazuya. But with Kazuya also joining the battle, can Jin and his allies put stop to these nefarious plans? Find out in this nail-biting climax!
COVER A: Alan Quah 
COVER B: Game Art 
COVER C: Andie Tong