Take Back Washington DC in The Division 2


In the first installment of The Division agents were summoned to help the folks of Manhattan as it was under quarantine due to a virus that was spread throughout bank notes. The agents of the division helped the people that were in need as well as Cleaners who are killing anyone who they happen to come across. As the agents are dealing with a bunch of mercenaries in New York the SHD shuts down and they receive an alert for all agents to go to Washington DC. This is the start of The Division 2 the latest in the series of games from Ubisoft.

After you login and create your character including customizing your sex, hairstyle and clothes you are dropped into the game. The game starts as you are dropped not far from the White House lawn and you fight your way to it defending it from the people trying to regain control of this great monument. This group is called the Hyenas and they are trying to control parts of the city and anyone that gets in their way are quickly dispatched. It is up the to the Division agents and you will go into parts of the city to try to wrest parts of it from their grasp. There are settlements that are scattered across the city and you will encounter them and try to help them along by taking on side missions. These side missions will not only earn you XP but also earn you blueprints which can get you access to some new items to help you recapture Washington DC. There are also control points that you can go in and try to take over but these fights can be difficult at times. They are broken down into two phases and the first you need to clear out the Hyenas that are in the spot and the second phase has you sending up a signal flare so you can get backup to take over the control point. Once the mission is done you will have access to the supply room which will have some resources you will need as well as some new gear.

Also, the characters have new skills that they can unlock. Instead of just having a turret or a drone they can unlock specializations for each of these devices. For example you can have a regular turret that will fire rounds at anyone or you can have a sniper turret that can take out targets from long range. There are also two drones that you can take in and these these are lethal at any range and can be directed at targets. But you need to choose wisely from all of these skills as you can only have two at a time equipped on a character. Also, there are perks that you can unlock that can increase the amount of weapons you can carry as well as the amount of armor packs you can hold (these are important as you’ll want to max this out right away).

The only problem I have with this game is the difficulty learning curve that this game will throw at you. You will go ahead and do some of these missions solo and be perfectly fine until you hit one mission that will throw you for a loop. This is when you can call in some friends for support however, the more people you call in the more enemies that you will encounter so be careful of that. It might be a better idea to go ahead and come back to that mission with some better gear so you can overcome the enemies in that location.

This review barely scratches the surface of The Division 2 as I have around 8-10 hours in on the game and I am barely getting started and love it. If you loved the first game and you want more of it with a new location, new skills and gear and just a great setting to play in you need to check this game out. For more information on this game head over to tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/TheDivision2‎ and get ready to take back Washington.