Starfield Gets a 15 Minute Reveal Trailer!


The folks over at Bethesda have been famous for creating some of the most iconic games in history. From the Elder Scrolls series that started back in 1994 to the remastering of the Fallout series we always wondered what would be next for this iconic company. Last year we were given a bare teaser of a game called Starfield and we were shown small snippets of the game but nothing concrete.

This year at the Summer of Gaming we had our questions were answered with a 15 minute trailer!

This game looks amazing as you will be traveling to many different planets, be able to harvest resources in order to craft things you’ll need on your journey as well as being able to join other factions! You can choose how to play the game whether you want to be an explorer, a peacekeeper or even a pirate!

One of the most unique things about this game are the planets as you can land anywhere on any planet and explore it. And how do you get to these planets? Why by crafting your own starship of course! Ships can be tailor made to your specifications and there is also space combat as well!

This is only the first peek of this game as it is going to be coming out sometime in 2023. Right now the game looks amazing but what do you think? Are you excited for this game or is this one that you are going to pass on? Let us know as we love to hear what you think!