Spider-Man is Back in the MCU!

When I came out of the theater after seeing Spider-Man: Far from Home I was stunned as I wondered what was going to happen next to our favorite web-head. Would he be hunted by the city of New York for a crime he didn’t commit? Would he have to go into hiding? However, things changed a month or so after the movie as there was a dispute between Sony and Disney. 

And we were left in a lurch. We were told that Spider-man would no longer be in the MCU. 

That meant no more Spider-man in the Avengers or any other Marvel films in the foreseeable future! In fact when Tom Holland went to the D23 show earlier this year, the only thing that he said about this subject was “I love you 3000”. We were all distraught and the reason this rift happened between the two companies was the same thing that it has always been about.


However, its been announced that Marvel and Sony have struck a deal that will allow the character to stay within the MCU. Disney is going to pay 25% of the movie costs (which might include advertising costs) however, they will also reap 25% of the profit of the movie that’s made. They also announced when the third movie in the Tom Holland trilogy would be released and that is July 16th, 2021. All I can say is that I am extremely excited that we have Spider-Man film in the MCU and if this deal works out well for both parties (which I have a feeling it will) there might be even more films of Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the foreseeable future. 

So what do you guys think about this new deal? Do you think that it is in the best interest of both parties or should Disney try to get all the rights for Marvel? Let us know by commenting below!