Sony’s Playstation Classic Offers Retro Rush for Gamers


I remember clear as day the first gaming system I bought on my own and that was the original Playstation. I bought the console with a copy of Final Fantasy VII as well as a copy of Bloody Roar as well. I remember getting home and was excited to plug everything into the television and getting ready to play. The rest of that day was spent in front of the television as we saw the events unfold in Final Fantasy VII or we went head to head with each other in Bloody Roar and loving the combat mechanics of this game. However, it wouldn’t last as years later the Playstation 2 was released and I had moved to Vegas at that time. I had always wanted to play some classic Playstation games but getting them to work via an emulator was more of a chore than anything else.

Sony recently answered our prayers with the Playstation Classic.

This small device looks like the original Playstation and comes complete with two controllers (no analog sticks on the controllers) as well as an HDMI cable so you can hook it up to your giant flatscreen TV. This system is going to be bundled with twenty games and so far we only know of five and they are Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer 4 and of course Final Fantasy VII. Now if this is just a sampling of some of the games on this system I am already hooked! Some have said that only twenty games for this system is not enough but I say I would rather get twenty games that I can play easily than none at all.

As for some of the games I would love to see bundled with this system I would love to see Resident Evil 2 (as it was superior to the first one), Castlevania Symphony of the Night (one of the best in the series) and of course Xenogears (first in the Xenosaga series and a GREAT RPG that allowed you to pilot mechs in combat).

The Playstation Classic is going to be released on 12/3/2018 and it will retail for $99.00 US. I have a very strong feeling that this will be a very hot and sought after holiday item so if you want to get one you need to preorder once they become available. What do you think about the new Playstation Classic? Are you going to line up to get one? Let us know by commenting below!