Sony Unleashes a Torrent of Games with PS5 Launch!

I have to say for one that I am behind the times. Until recently I had only a PS3 and now I am experiencing some of the great titles that the PS4 has to offer. Now the folks over at Sony have recently shown off their latest console which is the PS5 but is this a console that you are going to want to purchase?

First we were shown two versions of the console as there’s going to be one with a 4k blu-ray drive and one that’s an all digital version. The specs for both of the consoles were pretty much the same however, we don’t have a price point on either of the consoles as of yet.

However, you’re not here to know all about the specs and all the technical stuff you want to know about the games! And the first game out of the gate did not disappoint as we are getting another Spider-Man game. However, this time you are not playing as Peter Parker as this game will put you in the boots of Miles Morales! I have played the Spider-Man game and I can safely say that I REALLY want to play this new game on the PS5 as this is going to be a selling point for this system. We also got a new trailer for one of the best driving games and that is Gran Turismo 7 that looks simply amazing.

Project Athia looks interesting as it looks like a cross between a platformer and an action game as you can manipulate nature to take down your enemies. The next game shown is Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart and this game looks AMAZING as well as it shows off the pair traveling through a variety of different dimensions! And the end shows another female lombax taking the place of Ratchet! Stray looks like an interesting game taking place in a cyberpunk world with a lot of robots as you explore this game as a stray cat. Returnal has you caught up as you crash land on a planet as well as die from an attack but you are stuck in an endless loop as you try to figure out how to escape it.

Sackboy is also coming back to the PS5 in Sackboy: A Big Adventure and this game looks cute and challenging at the same time!  We also got a small trailer for Destruction Allstars as this game reminds me of the old Twisted Metal games. Kena: Bridge of Spirits has you trying to assist troubled spirits in a beautifully set world. One of the games I am actually looking forward to is an independent game called Goodbye Volcano High. This is more of a narrative adventure game where you can make choices and try to find love during the end of an era.

PS5 is also looking to bring back an older game called Oddworld in Oddworld: Soulstorm! This action platformer will have you avoiding death at every turn as you will fight through enemies that will chase you relentlessly. We had heard about Ghostwire: Tokyo last year during Bethesda’s conference and now we know more about it! This supernatural first person game will have you battling out spirits in the streets of Tokyo and it looks amazing. Jett the Far Shore looks like an exploration game as you will explore alien worlds. Godfall looks like an amazing game where you can fight against armored clad enemies in a fantasy setting.

We also got trailers for Solar Ash, Hitman III, Astro’s Playroom, Little Devil Inside, NBA 2k21 and Bugsnax as each of these games are unique and show off the features of the PS5. Demon Souls is a precursor to the Dark Souls franchise and this game looks beautiful and if it is anything like the latter you will be cursing this game. Deathloop is another game that was hinted at last year’s Bethesda’s conference. You play the role of Colt who has been pronounced guilty as you are being hunted by legions of people who want to kill you. However, if you do die you will just reset as this game looks like a blast to play! Resident Evil: Village is the latest entry in this series and looks absolutely creepy. The end of the trailer shows that Chris Redfield is back but is he a hero or a villain? Pragmata is a unique game as I have no idea what it’s about as it looks amazing and while it doesn’t say it it could be the next game by Kojima. The last game shown off was a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn! Horizon Forbidden West has you reprising the role as Carja as you will be exploring new environments as well as under the water! This is going to be an amazing title that will show off the hardware of the PS5 beautifully.

So what do you think of the new lineup for the PS5? Are you going to be purchasing one at launch or wait for a few months? Let us know! We love hearing from you!