Sony Selling PlayStation Themed Furniture

Sonys’ reach seems to be expanding more and more as the company announces a new product on their blog site. The newest thing in the Sony collection seems to be a bit outside their sandbox, as they are now selling PlayStation themed furniture.

The beginning parts of the collection, which can be found on PBCollection, features a small variety of items. These items seem to signify Sonys’ commitment to providing gamers with a hospitable habitat to play our favorite games in. That, and their need to try and reach farther into my pocket. Thank god there will always be IKEA.

The collection, so far, includes the following:

  • Acrylic Cubby — $70 USD
  • Icon Wall Light — $200
  • Beanbag — $250
  • Lounge Table — $400
  • Gaming TV Media Console — $1,100

Now to see how many of you will actually sink your money into the items. Let us know what you think of them down in the comments below.