Sonic: The Live Action Movie

So, as per the new norm, another childhood classic cartoon is getting a live adaptation. From Lion King to Pokemon, and now Sonic. That’s right, Sonic The Hedgehog is jumping on screen folks in all his bright blue speed.

The trailer just dropped today, and as you can see from above CGI has managed to render the character rather well. Though the movie itself seems like it will be a rather cheesy adaptation of the character. That said, it is Sonic. The character was never that serious to begin with.

Now, where would Sonic be without his right-hand man Dr. Robotnik on the scene? With Jim Carrey starring as a much skinnier version of Eggman, I’m sure the character will be zanier than ever.

The movie, at the moment to me, seems like an attempt to cash in on some past glory for the blue speedster and will likely make more than a few fans unhappy due to the cheesy undertones that can already be picked up within the film. That said, I’m nothing if not open-minded and will check it out when it drops November 8.

The storyline will center around Sonics journey with the sheriff of Green Hills, James Marsden, and his fellow cop Adam Pally as they try to save the world from Dr. Robotnik.

I wonder if Tails will make an appearance?