Sleep No More Will Keep You Up at Night

Have you ever been in a point in your life when you didn’t go to sleep for a long time? I can remember once in my life when I didn’t sleep for a good 25 hours. By the time I did go to bed I passed out and woke up the next morning not even remembering anything that happened during that period of time. It was as if I fell through a wormhole and emerged out the other side. Imagine however, if you did not need to sleep at all. That you could stay away the full 24 hours and you could do whatever you wanted. This is the subject of the latest film from RJLE Entertainment entitled Sleep No More but is this an experiment you want to witness or would you rather just go to sleep?

Sleep No More follows five graduate students in 1986 as they are doing research trying to figure out what happens to the brain after being deprived of sleep for 200 hours. As the experiment goes on we realize this is going to be a monumental task as they are convinced that once you pass the 200 hour mark of being awake your mind resets and you will never need sleep again. As the hours tick by each of the group are starting to see and hear things causing them to be unsure if they are real or not. The visions start to intensify as the time drags on but are these visions just hallucinations that the mind is projecting or is this something else entirely? Does sleep ward off something that is lurking at the edges of reality?

This movie will definitely get you in the mood for the Halloween season as there are more than a bit of chills and some great actors attached to this project such as Lukas Gage, Brea Grant, Keil Price, Yasmine Aker, Stephen Ellis and Christine Dwyer. You’ll see what these people are going through and wonder if they are going to survive this experiment. Sleep No More is written by Jason Murphy and directed by Phillip Guzman and also attached to this film as Executive Director is Jeffrey Reddick. If that last name sounds familiar it should as he was the one that created the Final Destination franchise. Some of the scares that are in this film are just amazing and will put you in the mood for the Halloween season.

Sleep No More was released on October 2nd and can be bought on DVD, VOD and Digital right now. For more information about this and other films head over to and get ready to experience what happens when you Sleep No More.