Shudder Will Unleash Creepshow in its Own Series

Growing up in the 80’s meant almost every weekend going out to a mall and spending a few hours wandering aimlessly. One of my favorite places to go was Waldenbooks as this place had everything you would want under one roof. From magazines about computer and electronic games to novels about wizards and warriors they had it all. I remember one time going into the Science Fiction section and I saw it on the shelf there.


This graphic novel was in the same vein as Tales from the Crypt as you had a host (named the Creep) introduce various stories that revolved around mayhem, death and gore. I found out later it was based on the movie of the same name and fell in love with this film. It sparked a sequel which was just as good as well as a third film that can kindly be forgotten.

Now the great folks over at Shudder have resurrected this fetid dead thing from the tomb whence it came.

Or to put it bluntly we are getting a Creepshow TV series!

Yes, you heard right folks! Shudder is making a 12 episode series and it looks like the Creep is going to host the show as well! This looks amazing from the trailer and I have to say that I am excited and I don’t even have Shudder yet. However, this ALONE makes me want to get a subscription! And we won’t have to wait long as this is going to be premiering on Shudder in September!

What do you think about this new TV series? Do you think this is going to be a great anthology of stories? Let us know we love to hear from you!