San Diego Comic Con Cancels Due to Covid-19

At the start of the year people were hearing about this new strain of virus called Covid-19 aka Coronavirus. No one had any idea what the impact of this virus would be. However, once it hit the United States it has changed how we think about everything going forward. And this has not only affected people but gatherings as well as a lot of events have either been put on hold or outright cancelled.

Recently we had gotten word that San Diego Comic Con had cancelled their 2020 venue due to the concerns of this outbreak. This four day convention covers everything from comic books and video games to movies and television shows. But this also makes me wonder about some of the other conventions that are coming up this year. Will these conventions be cancelled as well?

Some of the conventions however, are shifting their presence online as they are holding their meetings online. Recently out of Chicago a bunch of folks put on the first Mainframe Comic Con held on April 25th-26th and had a lot of special guests that were addressing people from their homes. This to me was amazing as people can experience the convention from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Which got me thinking about San Diego Comic Con. They can do the same thing?

Imagine a four day event where people could watch the panels that were going to take place at the convention center online in the comfort of their own home. San Diego Comic Con already has a service that allows people to watch the convention as it goes on live so what makes this any different? Also, if you teamed up with the major studios you could still generate the hype that would have happened at SDCC. You could have various studios host virtual panels, question and answer sessions, artist alley, exclusive trailers for TV and Movies, etc!

So what do you think about this situation and its effect on the entertainment industry? Do you think this will issue in a new series of virtual conventions or will things go back to normal quickly? Let us know as we love to hear your thoughts on these matters.