Review: Kingsway West #3


I have to admit that one of the genres of film, fiction or comics that I never fell in love with was the Western. It just seemed to be a simple formula as a lone gunslinger fought against insurmountable odds to get back something that was lost. However, with some of the great movies either been remade (Magnificent Seven) or series with western traits (WestWorld) I have grown to love this genre again.

Kingsway West is one of the best western comics out there as it doesn’t really focus too much on the western aspect. Sure, there are gunslingers and cowboys but there is also magic and mystery as West combs the badlands trying to find his missing wife. The book starts off as West is in a cave searching for his wife. As he looks his wife admonishes him telling him this killing will make him a monster. As he sees a horrific image of himself, he wakes up realizing that it was only a dream.

He wakes up in a mining camp located on the southern border of the golden mountain empire. West can hear people talking about him and his past as he was labelled a killer. As he listens to the conversation outside, he pulls out his gun, but it is only a child. The child says that West was sent here to claim the power that is being guarded by the Windigo. Who are the Windigo and will he be able to get this power in order to find his wife? Read the rest of the issue to find out!

Kingsway West is turning into a series that even if you are not in love with the Western you will find something to love about it. This series has action, gunfights, magic, monsters and a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to get back the one he loves. If you haven’t checked out an issue of this book you need to, as it is one of those books that is just waiting to be discovered. For more information on this and other titles head over to and get ready to explore the wild west.