Review: Cyborg Rebirth #1

CYBREB_Cv1_ds*WARNING: Review May Contain Spoilers!

When I first read the New Teen Titans I was amazed at the roster of heroes. There were some that you knew about such as Speedy or Robin but ones you never heard of. One of those heroes was Cyborg, a fusion of human and machine out to combat the forces of evil. But what do we really know about this hero? DC Comics has launched a new series based on the mechanized hero called Cyborg Rebirth. But will this series hold up to the previous incarnations of the character?

The book starts out as Cyborg is battling a villain by the name of Malware in front of S.T.A.R. labs. He is trying to prevent this entity from breaking into the labs as Malware is looking for something. What I love about this book is during the fight we see glimpses of Victor Stone’s past. The comic tells the origin of Cyborg and his life before he became half man and half machine. But will Cyborg have enough power to prevent Malware from getting what he needs? All I can say is you will need to read the book to find out but the action and pacing in this comic is amazing. I especially love how they transition between the past and present as it makes for great, fluid storytelling.

The book is written by John Semper Jr. who is no stranger to the comic book universe. He has written other Cyborg books but has also worked on animated projects for Marvel and other studios. He brings a great narrative to the book and makes Cyborg more man than machine. Art for this issue is brought to us by the creative team of Tony Kordos, Sandra Hope and Paul Pelletier. Tony Kordos and Sandra Hope are inkers who have worked on other projects for DC and other companies as well. Paul Pelletier is a penciler who has worked on other projects for both DC and Marvel. This team lends a great visual style to the book giving us crisp images on each and every page.

If you are a fan of the New Teen Titans or love Cyborg and want to get to know more about them you should really pick up this book. It has a great story and art that everyone is sure to enjoy. So go out there and hit up your local comic shop and until next time keep reading!