Review: Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1

*WARNING: Review may contain spoilers!

BLUEREB_Cv1_dsThere are many characters that I love and hate in comics today but one of the ones I am very unfamiliar with has to be the Blue Beetle. I can remember a time where he was supposed to be like Batman and utilized gadgets and high tech weapons to keep villains in check. Now DC comics has come back with this unusual hero in Blue Beetle Rebirth #1. But is this a comic you should check out or just squash it like the bug it is?

The comic opens with a small explanation on who the current incarnation of the Blue Beetle is. Jaime Reyes has had the scarab which gives him his power fused to his spine. However, he only wants to be a normal kid and to do all the things that normal kids do. He is assisted by Ted Kord who is not only a billionaire but he was the previous incarnation of the Blue Beetle. Jaime has been called out to deal with two super villains tearing up the town and terrorizing citizens. These two villains are called Rack and Ruin and are not only looking to draw the Blue Beetle out but to kill him as well. Will these two villains succeed or will the Blue Beetle step up and save the day?

What I actually love about this book is that I knew nothing about the Blue Beetle and had only heard of the character in passing. This book gets you up to speed quickly and you can experience and enjoy the story without having read any prior comics. The creative team behind this book are Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins. While both of them have created the book, Keith Giffen writes the story while Scott Kolins does the art. Keith Giffen is not only a well known writer but an artist as well lending his talents to some great DC titles. Scott Kolins has done work for Marvel and DC working on such great titles as Excalibur, Flash, Wolverine and Green Lantern. The action in this book seems to leap off the page as Kolins has a great style that makes the book easy on the eyes. This team lends their own style to the book making it a very enjoyable read.

If you want to read about a reluctant superhero then you need to give Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 a second glance. Go check it out at your local comics shop today and get ready to learn more about the mysterious Blue Beetle!