Review: Batman #50

Review: Batman #50

The big day is here and the impending nuptials between Batman and Catwoman are in the spotlight in Batman #50. The special issue is a who’s who of comic book creators with the events leading up to the celebrity wedding interspersed between some great pin ups by the best in the business.

The issue features artwork chronicling the couples’ history throughout comics. The pages feature the inner thoughts Catwoman and Batman share for each other and the words are accompanied by several of DC’s artists including many who’ve helped to chronicle the pair over the years. Reading like vows at first it soon becomes clear that the words on these pages are much more than inner thoughts and declarations of love.

The twist at the end is sure to elicit some dissatisfaction among readers and fans that were invested in the storyline. While not unexpected, or entirely disappointing, it would have been interesting to see how life for DC’s latest power couple could have been if things indeed went off without a hitch. Alas, it seems that things are about to become even more stressful for the Dark Knight and Catwoman as Bruce’s greatest foes appear ready to pile on the grief.

After turning the last page on the well written and beautifully drawn ‘extra-sized anniversary issue’, one has to wonder what iconic superheroes have against the institution of marriage. Aside from a few the married superhero is a rare breed. The unconventional relationship Bruce and Selina share would have been fraught with challenges but those challenges would have been really interesting to explore. Selina’s reason for standing Bruce up at the rooftop, while valid, does him a disservice not just because of her walking out on the marriage before it begins but because of the words in her letter. Yes, Gotham needs Batman and Bruce’s emotional wounds make him an effective sentinel of the city but her decision doesn’t give him the chance to grow.

There are countless individuals who keep the peace and protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Military personnel, police officers and government agents all do their jobs effectively while maintaining families. Now granted many of them aren’t married to super villains but the Bruce and Selina union could have blazed a trail and broke new ground. The aftermath of the split will no doubt provide enough material to keep things interesting but thoughts of what could have been will remain for some time.