Reach for the Stars with Zobie!

One of the things that I love about going to conventions as press is meeting with some of the celebrities that attend the shows. Fans love to wait in line to get their favorite memorabilia signed however, some people don’t get that opportunity. The folks over at Zobie had a solution to offer some autographed gear at some great prices. Recently I had a chance to speak with the folks over at Zobie and they had this to say.

TR: Please introduce yourself.

JG: My name is Jayare Gallegos, I am the owner of Zobie Productions. A company focused on authentic autograph memorabilia and collectibles. We are based out of McKinney, TX.

TR: For those that don’t know tell us more about Zobie productions?

JG: We are a company that coordinates signings with celebrities across the world. We provide weekly no reserve auctions, autograph pre-orders and mystery boxes with the focus on authenticated autographs in each box. We are an authorized dealer it’s one of the leading third party authentication companies in the world, James Spence Authentication.

TR: What inspired you to start up your company?

JG: I have always been a collector of sports and entertainment memorabilia. I was really hooked at an early age due to my uncle being a fellow collector. I remember attending many concerts growing up and trying to meet the bands before their performance at the local music venue in McAllen, TX, where I was born and raised. As I got older and finished my studies I searched many social media groups to be able to find a place where I could share my passion for collecting. I was never able to find a community where it was full of positivity and a place to share knowledge. That was really something that motivated me to create Zobie, a place where nerds like me can express themselves and it is okay to share one’s fandom. Zobie means the world to me as it’s my two daughters’ names together, Zoey and Colbie. This is the root of my startup company.

TR: What are some of the services that you offer?

JG: We offer autograph pre-orders for those who cannot attend comic cons across the world. We obtain the signature by coordinating a signing with promoters and agents. We then get the item authenticated for you and ship back to you. Comic con prices have gone up and it can be really expensive to go and obtain that 1 signature you aspire to obtain for your grail collection. We take the travel and waiting in lines out of it for you. We also offer monthly mystery boxes in all different types of fandoms such as Horror in our Zobie Fright Pack. Pop Culture in our Zobie Box as well as Anime, Animation, Video Games and even Pro-Wrestling. If you are a music fan, particularly hard rock music lovers, we got something in March for you!

TR: I see that you sell autographs from some of our favorite celebrities. Do these come with a COA?

JG: Every item we sell comes with a Certificate of Authentication. We work with third party authentication companies such as JSA, Beckett and ACOA. We stand by our product and offer 100% money back guarantee for life if the item ever fails a third party authentication review.

TR: You also offer mystery boxes tell us about those?

JG: We have many offerings. The core of our boxes are authentic autographs from your favorite celebrities. We have all types of mystery boxes that no matter what your fandom is, we bring that comic con experience to your door every month! We have exclusive art prints and enamel lapel pins in each box. We also work with amazing small companies to produce t shirts and movie props for some of our releases.

TR: What would you recommend for someone who wanted to try your products?

JG: If you are starting out collecting we offer our 8×10 autograph mystery grab bags in animation/anime, pop culture and horror themes. Each grab bag has 1 autograph 8×10 and they start at only $19.99.

TR: Ok I am sold! Where can I get some of this great merchandise?

JG: You can find us on social media and our website is Also be on the lookout for our Zobie Auction house launching in March. That will also be a fun way to obtain authentic memorabilia at low prices!

TR: What are some of the great exclusives that are coming to Zobie Productions?

JG: We have some great projects coming up in the spring and summer, if you follow our IG account or join our Zobie Collectors Community, you can stay up to date with our latest announcements!

TR: If you could get one celebrity featured on your site that isn’t currently who would it be and why?

JG: I would love to do a private signing with Diego Luna as I am a huge fan! I love Netflix’s Narcos.

TR: Anything else you’d like to add?

JG: Join our Facebook group Zobie Collectors Community, it’s a place where you can go and share your fandom and learn about what’s trending in the collectibles business.

There you have it folks! If you want to see all the great stuff that they have to offer head over to and remember to keep reaching for the stars!