Queens of Scream Will Make You Scream for More!

Scream Queens.

These are the ladies that have graced the silver screen and are known for their signature scream. Some of these films are amazing classics that will keep you in suspense wondering if the final girl will make it through this harrowing experience. Now the folks over at Mill Creek Entertainment have released a new blu-ray called Queens of Scream that has three movies released on it.

The first is I Know What You Did Last Summer which is an amazing film shot in 1997 which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe. This film puts these people in a situation where they accidentally kill someone and bury the evidence. However, as the next summer rolls around someone knows what had happened and are going after the people responsible.

The next is When a Stranger Calls and this film stars Katie Cassidy, Camilla Belle, Tommy Flanagan and Tessa Thompson. This film poses the question what if you were tasked with watching someone else’s children? And then what happens when someone says that they are watching you and then you find out the calls are coming from inside the house. What lengths would you take to protect the children you are watching?

The final film is Vacancy and this film stars Luke Wilson, Kate Beckinsale and Ethan Embry. Imagine if you were on the road and its late at night and you find a place to stop as it says they have a vacancy. As you settle in and get ready to relax for the night you find that there is something off as people have been making tapes of people who have been staying here. And once these people check in they never leave so will you be the next to be featured on one of these tapes?

The only downside to this blu-ray collection is that there are no special features or behind the scenes for any of these movies. However, you can find this collection at a great price and it is worth it to pick up all three movies for rather cheap.

If you are a horror movie fan you need to check out this collection. For more information on this and other releases head over to millcreekent.com and get ready to face your fears.