Push Back the Forces of Chaos in Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2

In the 41st millenium there is only war and that war extends to the depths of space. The forces of Chaos are pushing deeper into the sectors of the Imperium as the Cadia has fallen. Abaddon the Despolier’s 13th Black Crusade has become an overwhelming success as the rest of the forces are clamoring to forge strange new alliances. Will you be able to stem the dark tide of Chaos or will you just be sucked under? This is the setting of the new Focus Interactive game Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2.

Now I want to say first and foremost that I played the first game and this sequel improves on the first game ever so much. First lets start with the game play as the first mission tells you how to move your ships, fire at targets, perform special actions, etc. This is amazing as you will need to learn how to do all these actions if you are to beat the forces of Chaos. The campaign lets you choose from three factions you can play as. You can play as the mighty Imperium, the ancient and robotic Necrons or the all consuming Tyrannids. Each of these campaigns follows a different setting and turn of events on how you respond to the fall of Cadia. And let me tell you from the moment I started this game it is amazing to see the amount of detail that goes into it. The graphics, sound, music and voice overs add to the experience as you will see your ships fire on the enemy as their ships rend and explode from the might of your guns. You will also hear the voice of the commanders telling you that you are under fire or that the Imperial Space Marines have successfully boarded the enemy vessel.

The three campaigns will keep you busy for quite sometime, however it doesn’t stop there as there is a skirmish mode where you can select what units can go up against the AI or you can battle online in multiplayer. However, I haven’t said which factions that you can select from and you have twelve.. yes.. you heard me right twelve factions that you can choose from. You can choose the Imperial Navy, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Chaos, Asuryani, Aeldari Corsairs , Drukhari, Orks, Necrons, Tyranids and T’au protector & merchant fleets! This is an amazing amount of depth and you will be able to play EVERY race in the Gothic Armada universe. If you ever wanted to see the T’au against the Drukhari now is the chance to do so!

What I also love about this game is the price as you would expect all of this from a full priced game of $59.99. However, this is not a full priced game and you will only pay around $34.99 for this title! Even if you don’t know everything there is to know about the Warhammer 40k universe don’t worry it is explained in cut-scenes so you will know everything there is to know. Also, it isn’t necessary to have played the first game in the series and while the first game is pretty good, this game is a monumental improvement over that title.

If you love Warhammer 40k and want to battle in the depths of space with giant ships and also get a massive single player campaign along with skirmish and multiplayer options you need to pick up this title. For more information on the this game head over to http://www.battlefleetgothic-armada.com/en and get ready to push back the forces of Chaos.