Pokemon Go is Saving Nintendo


Pokemon Go is Saving Nintendo

As of late, the Nintendo Company has been doing poorly in market shares. Their stock never fairing quite as well as their golden era of never ending Mario games and hit Zelda titles. That said, they’ve needed a boost to their shares for a while now – and that has finally come in the form of a new Pokemon game.

One that, amusingly enough, wasn’t made by them.

Pokemon Go, the recently launched mobile game through which players can catch Pokemon in the real world, is benefiting the company’s stock in a very pleasant way.

pokemon-go-nick_statt-screenshots-1.0Nintendo’s shares have surged significantly since the games launch, raising numbers up to 9 even 10 percent higher – as was noticed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This is the highest that the companies stock has been in the last two months – a gradual decline in their stocks was something that likely had investors more than a little concerned.

Pokemon Go is the Number one app out in the app store – becoming the highest grossing game in the market in mere days. This is quite the accomplishment due to the free nature of the game. The only purchases being made can be seen within the many micro transactions available within the game, and those are proving to be more than a little popular.

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