Pixar Goes Onward

Pixar has brought us some great properties from talking toys to an unique take on superheroes. Now the folks over at Pixar are going to take on the world of fantasy with their next film that is simply entitled Onward.

Onward focuses on two elf brothers named Ian and Barley as they are undergoing a quest to see if magic still exists in the world. The world itself is inhabited by mystical creatures such as elves, trolls, mermaids, unicorns and the like. However, not all of these creatures are as they seem as dragons are small and act like dogs. Unicorns are similar to rats or raccoons and they love to get into and eat garbage. Also, the world is set in the modern day as there are jets, technology, etc with some minor differences as some of the people live in houses akin to the creature’s race. For example trolls live in mushroom type houses and I LOVE these small bits as they make you pay attention to the small details.

The voices of the two elven brothers are played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt! Yes you heard right! This film is going to have the voices of the folks that play Star Lord and Spiderman! With the rich world and amazing characters I cannot wait for Onward. The next Pixar film will be released on March 6th, 2020. But what do you think about this new Pixar film? Are you excited for it or will you give it a hard pass? Let us know what you think.