PC Gaming Show Brings Games and Gear to E3 2019

I can remember back in the early 1990’s and getting my first PC and being amazed at the games that were available back then. The graphics weren’t the best however, the game play was amazing. And it seems with every year PC’s are getting faster and more affordable so even people on a budget can play their favorite games. E3 recently has branched out by covering PC games with their own PC Gaming show and here are some highlights from that show.

The show started off with a bang as Evil Genius 2: World Domination was shown off with a theatrical trailer and the game looks awesome. You will be able to control your own James Bond type villian as you hold the world hostage. Vampire: The Masquerade is a great RPG that has spawned RPG’s, books, novels and even a short lived TV show. However, there is a PC game called Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 and it looks amazing. You will play as a newly turned vampire and can choose from various clans which have various abilities. This looks amazing even in the alpha footage so expect this from Paradox in Q1 in 2020. Starmancer is a space station sim as you send out colonists to farm resources as you build up your facility. You must be careful as there are dangers in the depths of space that will want to do you harm.

Chivarly II is an online game where you will take a role of a valiant knight and square off against others in brutal combat. There are a few classes to choose from and this is being brought to us by Tripwire so you know this will be an amazing game. Another multiplayer game being released is Midnight Ghost Hunt in which one team plays as ghost hunters and the other is the ghost. The ghost can roam around the house, possess objects and throw them at the players. The ghost hunters must capture the ghost in order to win the round and this game looks insane to play with your friends! Unexplored 2 is a rogue lite game where you explore beautiful environments and uncover its secrets.

Samsung dropped some new gear as well as you will be able to get a new curved 27” gaming monitor for around $400. This monitor is simply amazing as it has a refresh rate of 240 Hz giving you a flawless gaming experience! Funcom came in with their lineup of games including an expansion to Mutant: Year Zero called Seeds of Evil. All I can say to this is YES PLEASE! Mutant: Year Zero is a great RPG and if you haven’t checked it out yet you need to! They also showed off Conan: Unconquered which is an RTS set in the Conan universe. This is an amazing entry and it’s done by the folks over at Petroglyph who were ex-employees of Westwood Studios (who founded the RTS genre). Moons of Madness is a horror surivial game that takes place in space and looks absolutely amazing! However, the biggest surprise was that Conan Chop Chop is going to be a REAL game! This rogue lite action adventure game is going to be released later this year and it looks fun to play. There were tons of other games announced but one of the biggest annoucements was Baldur’s Gate III. This long overdue sequel still doesn’t have a release date but the game looks amazing!

What did you think of the PC gaming show? Were you excited with all the games released or did you skip it entirely? Let us know by commenting below!