Newest Overwatch Hero: Torbjorn’s Daughter


The newest hero to the Overwatch community has finally landed on the PTR network, that hero being Torbjorn’s young daughter Brigitte Lindholm.

She has been dropped right into the support hero line up, and has a list of abilities at her disposal. The first of which is her primary weapon the rocket flail, which can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. While her passive ability, Inspire, grants health to her teammates and can also add provide teammates with armor. She can also use a barrier shield similar to Reinhardt, though it is limited in size to covering just her. Than finally we have her ultimate, Rally, which acts similarly to Lucio’s Ult. It acts as a whole team boost, giving her team a rather large chunk of armor and increasing her own movement speed so she can dive into right into the fray.

Here’s Jeff Kaplan telling us all a little bit about the new hero:

For those who are interested, here’s her background story as well: