Modiphus Entertainment Holiday Guide 2017


So you have gotten your holiday shopping list and you notice that one of the people you are shopping for is a gamer. Now you think, “This is simple! I’ll get him an Xbox One game and call it a day,” but, you realize they are a pen and paper gamer. The only experience you’ve ever had with role playing games was that one time in college (Hey, we all experimented in college!). One of the bigger studios is an up and coming one called Modiphus who have gotten their hands on some pretty hot licenses. Here are some suggestions for your holiday shopping list and you might want to pick up one or two of these for yourself.

Star Trek: If you have a fan of the series whether it is the original, the current movies or somewhere in-between then you need to pick up the core rulebook. Star Trek Adventures will allow you to play in this cinematic universe as it was written by staff who have worked on previous versions of the Star Trek RPG. This book is also lavishly illustrated and comes with a lot of information on aliens, systems, etc. It’s a perfect gift for someone who loves the world of Star Trek and wants to make their own destiny in this universe.

Conan: This book will take you into the Hyborian Age, which is filled with exotic lands, hidden dangers and wondrous magic. Conan is set in a fantasy world where you will either try to create a new civilization or embrace the violence of barbarism. This mighty tome contains everything that you will need to run a campaign in this universe from the foes you will fight to the lands that you will explore. There are also more than a few supplements including a player’s guide as well as various books covering some of the professions such as thief, mercenary, etc.

Tales from the Loop: If you have a friend that loves all things 80’s and they are a fan of some of the movies from that genre as well as a Stranger Things fan you need to check this out. Tales from the Loop is a unique rpg set in a land where technology had taken off in the 50’s and it has progressed from there. Now robots think for themselves, a gravitron pulses with energy and weird things are always occurring. It is up to you and your friends to find out what’s going on and try to solve and the mysteries that plague your town.


Thunderbirds Board Game: For any fans of the classic series you need to check out the Thunderbirds board game. Taking place in the iconic universe created by Gerry Anderson in 2065 you play as part of the international rescue team. However, when a shadowy organization known as the Hood comes out and threatens the world, it is up to the Thunderbirds to save the world. There are three expansions of this game and one of them is entitled “The Hood”. In this expansion it allows you to add another player who controls the Hood and you win by making the rescue team lose!

Dust Adventures: Taking place within the Dust universe this allows you to play in the war torn world of Dust. It is 10 years after 1947 and the Second World War is still raging across the globe and to make matters worse was the introduction of Alien VK technology. This unlimited power source paved the way for all sorts of fantastic weapons and vehicles such as armored tanks, helicopters and even walking armored tanks. Do you have what it takes to push back the forces of evil? Grab your gun and Jetpack and get ready to soar into the adventurous world of Dust.

Mutant: Year Zero: For those who love the post-apocalyptic futures this would be the game to check out. The core rulebook allows you to venture into two worlds which is the ark where you call home and the zone where you scavenge for food, water and various other artifacts. There are two core rulebooks, but you only need one to play and the first is Mutant Year Zero. The other rulebook is a standalone expansion called Gen Lab Alpha. In this expansion you don’t just play as mutants, but as ferocious mutant animals! Will you and your friends be able to escape Paradise Valley? Both books would make a great gift for someone who loves to play in a dark, dystopian future.

These are just some of the titles that Modiphus has to offer. For information on all that they have to offer and to purchase directly from them, head over to and get ready to have your holiday shopping done quickly and easily.