Mezco Toyz Toy Fair 2018 Walkthrough


In the cold concrete canyons of Manhattan there is a tradition that happens every year that only a select few can get into. The New York Toy Fair has been an anticipated event for years as everyone looks to see what new toys and games are going to be released. Recently we received a video from Mezco showcasing what we have to look forward to in 2018-2019.


It looks like they are expanding the line of the small vinyl Mez-itz with a line of horror ones such as Chucky, Freddy, Jason, Annabelle and Pennywise. However, it doesn’t stop there as they are also releasing a wide variety of DC Mez-itz ranging from the 60’s Batman to some of the more recent heroes and villains. There is also going to be a Mez-itz combo pack with Batman and Robin in the classic Batmobile or the original Tim Burton Batman with Batmobile (which is my favorite).

Puzzle Box

Imagine the puzzle cube re-defined with a bunch of classic / horrific imagery on it and you have Puzzle Blox. One of the most beloved designs that I saw was the Hellraiser cube and believe me I would LOVE to have one of these on the shelf. There are also going to be ones based off some classic DC art as well such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman and Robin.


These look to be plush representations of horror icons that have buttons for eyes and are pretty amazing. You will have two sizes to choose from as there are going to be some amazing designs in this range. Freddy, Jason and Chucky will be available but also some lesser known brands such as Sam (from Trick ‘R Treat), Pinhead (from Hellraiser) and even Beetlejuice!

Burst a Box

These are jack in the boxes but they are NOT for children. Each of the boxes has stylized art of each of the characters ranging from Freddy and Jason to Chucky, Pinhead, Pennywise and even Sam! I love the Sam Burst a Box as I am a big fan of the movie Trick ‘R Treat and if you have not seen it you need to, as it’s a great movie!

Stylized Figures

Mezco is also coming out with a line of stylized figures (no name for this range at this time) but they look amazing as they have some of the great horror icons in amazing poses. Jason, Freddy, Pennywise, Sam and Beetlejuice will be included in this line in spectacular poses and with fiendish attention to detail.

12” Figures and 18” Dolls

There are two 12” figures that they show us – Pinhead from Hellraiser and Alex from a clockwork orange! These are VERY detailed figures however they don’t look to be poseable which is fine as they look amazing. The dolls are from the movie franchise Annabelle and look VERY creepy as I wouldn’t want to have one of these in my house.

Mega Scale Figures

These look simply amazing and there are great ones such as Jason, The Exorcist, Sam, Beetlejuice and a few versions of Chucky and Tiffany from the Child’s Play movies! And the best part about the Child’s Play figures? They TALK! So if you ever wanted your own murderous good guy doll, Mezco is the place to go!

King Kong Figures

He was a god amongst his people and now I bring you him in chains! King Kong, the giant ape will have two sizes: a smaller 7” figure and a WHOPPING 18” one. The attention to detail on both figures is just staggering as I love how menacing the 18” figure looks as if he’s ready to crush an entire city just to get to the woman he loves.

Living Dead Dolls

Mezco’s flagship series has to be the Living Dead dolls and there are more dolls that will be unearthed in 2018-2019.  It looks like there are 4 new dolls that will be coming out in the 2018 range that are original properties. However, there are more than a few movie properties that are being released including Halloween (Michael Myers), Pennywise, Freddy and the Nun. But there are also ones from Clockwork Orange, Evil Dead and even Psycho! There are going to be some great releases by them this year making these dolls that everyone will want in their coffin.

One: 12 Line

The One: 12 line that Mezco has recently gotten into has made highly detailed and posable figures for a great price and you should be excited for 2018-2019 as there are going to be more than a few great figures. For Marvel we have Iron Man, a few versions of Spider Man (including the one from Homecoming!), Wolverine, Cable and Cyclops just to name a few. One of the Marvel releases I am really hyped for are the Daredevil Netflix series as it has both versions of Daredevil as well as the Punisher! However, there are some also some great ones like Old Man Logan, Dr. Strange, Blade and from the recently released Black Panther movie as well.


DC gets some of the love as they will be releasing Green Lantern, Superman, Darkseid and even Batman Beyond! They even went as far as to release the entire line of the Justice League movie characters from Superman, Aquaman, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman. Other releases from other comics such as Diabolik and John Wick will also be occurring this year as well!

Horror is also getting a few major releases as we are seeing Michael Myers from Halloween with his traditional mask and butcher’s knife. Jason Voorhees will also become available as he will have his traditional hockey mask and probably an assortment of weapons. The releases that shocked me to my core have to be the Dawn of the Dead One: 12 releases. Yes you heard right! We are getting two figures which are the airport zombie (dressed in a plaid shirt) and of course my personal favorite, Flyboy as a zombie! Each of the figures look amazing as the attention to detail is off the scale!  But we are also getting an Ash figure from the Evil Dead series as well complete with a bloody chainsaw! And last but not least we are getting the original Ghostbusters along with Slimer as you can have Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston battle it out with whatever ghosts you can come up with!

That’s it from this year’s Toy Fair 2018! What are some of the toys that you loved from Mezco? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!