Matt Miner Talks Kickstarter for This Nightmare Kills Fascists


Several writers and artists are turning to Kickstarter to help fund their creator owned projects. I recently had the chance to chat with Matt Miner (Black Mask Studios and Dynamite Comics) about the Kickstarter for his latest project This Nightmare Kills Fascists. 

TR: Please introduce yourself

MM: My name is Matt Miner, I’m a comic book writer and dog rescuer based in Queens, NYC. My previous credits include LIBERATOR, CRITICAL HIT, and TOE TAG RIOT with Black Mask Studios, and the new GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON series with Dynamite Comics.

TR: Tell us about this new project This Nightmare Kills Fascists.

MM: It’s an anthology horror project in the vein of the old CREEPY and EERIE comics, but with stories told against the backdrop of modern political anxieties. Eric Palicki (co-editor) and I were chatting on Twitter with a couple friends and the idea to do a political horror anthology came up, so we ran with it and recruited some of our massively talented friends like Vita Ayala, Erica Schultz, Tini Howard, Justin Jordan, Chris Sebela and many, many more people who can write and draw exceptionally well.

TR: Where did you get inspiration to do this new series?

MM: Looking around at the world right now, a lot of us are feeling despondent and anxious and feel there’s not a lot we can do. We wanted to give voice to those fears in a way we could conquer them and use our art as a means of coping.

TR: Who has contributed to the series?

MM: Aside from the people mentioned above there’s Soo Lee, Ariela Kristantina, Ryan Ferrier, Joe Corallo, Dave Ebersole, Ryan K. Lindsay, Claire Connelly, and many more.  Check out NIGHTMAREKICKSTARTER.COM for the whole list of creators.

TR: You are funding this on Kickstarter what are some of the rewards the people can unlock?

MM: The project has reward levels for every budget. For just a few bucks you can get a bumper sticker and digital copies, up to physical copies and signed limited edition bookplate editions, even original art and seeing yourself drawn in to one of the stories.

TR: If this funds completely would we see any future projects in the same vein?

MM: Eric and I would love to continue doing more anthology project on different subjects, with different themes. Right now we’re singularly focused on this project, though, because there are only a couple days left to close the gap and fund the book. If we don’t hit 100% of the funding goal then Kickstarter doesn’t collect any of the money and the book won’t get made.

TR: What would be the one project you would love to get off the ground besides this one?

MM: I mean, there are so many projects that are in various stages of development – I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up, including more issues of GWAR, a new series at Waxwork Comics, and more creator owned stuff than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, most of this stuff isn’t to the point where I can freely talk about it quite yet, but I’ll definitely let you know when I can!

TR: Any final thoughts?

MM: Please check out NIGHTMAREKICKSTARTER.COM now – the link will bring you to the Kickstarter page. We only have a couple days left to hit goal and fund this very important work. Please tell your friends to check it out and get on board.

The Kickstarter for This Nightmare Kills Fascists ends .