Marvel’s Eternals Trailer Raises More Questions Than Answers

First let me say that I am a huge fan of Marvel in movie, comic and television format. I have seen every episode of all the Disney+ shows, every movie at least once and have read the comics since I was a little kid. When a character shows up on screen I will either know about this character or can reference him or her to the comic that they came from. Yesterday the Eternals teaser trailer dropped and I was excited to watch it.

Until it actually started.

The trailer to me made no sense as I have no idea who ANY of these characters are. And the trailer shows that these beings have been here throughout history but have not interfered. This raises more questions than answers such as if these beings were around why not help stop the Chitauri army? Were they affected when Thanos did his dreaded finger snap and wiped out half of the universe? Will these questions even be addressed in the film?

Eternals is slated for a November release but are people going to see this movie based on the trailer? What do you think? Would you see this movie right now as it stands or would you give it a pass? Let us know in the comments below!