Living Dead Dolls Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Living Dead Dolls Celebrates 20th Anniversary with a Mystery
Twenty years ago in a graveyard that was long since forgotten five coffins were unearthed. Out of these coffins emerged some of the most iconic dolls in history as Living Dead Dolls were now on the scene. With names such as Sin and the Eggorcist each of these dolls came in a little coffin along with a rhyme on how they lived. Also, each of the dolls came with their own death certificate detailing how they died and this was the start of something special.

Now Mezco is celebrating the anniversary with Living Dead Dolls the 20th Anniversary Set. There are going to be four dolls that everyone can see in the image above and they are Candy Rotten, Galeras, Legion and Eve. These are amazing dolls but there is a fifth that comes in an enshrouded coffin. What is going to be in this coffin? One of five 20th anniversary mystery dolls that you can only get with this set. Nothing is known about the mystery dolls but Mezco has assured us that each of the dolls in the 20th anniversary set are going to be five unique dolls and not variants.

Each doll is packed in its own coffin and has five points of articulation, dressed in real clothing and come with their own death certificate. They are slated to be available around July-September of 2018 and for more information check out the store page here:

If you are a fan of the Living Dead Dolls you owe it to yourself to check out this set. What five dolls are going to be unleashed on us? Only the fiends over at Mezco know for sure and they aren’t telling! Are you excited for this new set? Let us know! We love hearing from you!