Kitty Faces Judgement in Die Kitty Die Heaven or Hell #1

At the end of the issue #0 of Die Kitty Die Heaven or Hell Kitty was brought before a tribunal of five judges from heaven and hell to see where she was going to serve the rest of eternity. This is it folks as we hear the arguments from both sides and if she is going to heaven or hell!

The first story is a backstory as with the other issue and it deals with Kitty as a teenager. It starts out with her dancing with Otto at a diner however, it starts to devolve into a commerical for Big Debra Snack Cakes. However the end of the comic takes a dark turn as it looks as if Big Debra has died from a heart attack.

The second chapter picks up where the last issue left off as Kitty is going to be judged by her actions in her life by five people from hell and five from heaven. The panelists from each side are pretty amusing as you have people like Fidel Castro and John Wayne Gacy sitting across from Florence Henderson and Charles Nelson Riley. The arguments go back and forth as each side makes a case for whether Kitty should go to heaven or hell. But where will they send her? Read the book to find out! When I started reading this series I wasn’t really digging it however, there are a few plot twists and not to mention finding out who really killed Kitty so this is keeping me reading this series for as long as it lasts.