In for a Hell of a Ride with Hellboy

When it was reported that we were getting a reboot of the Hellboy franchise a lot of people asked why? We already had two films that were done prior so did we need a fresh take on this film? When the Blu-ray of this film arrived on my doorstep I will admit that I was hesitant to watch it. However, I strapped myself in, got myself a few snacks and put the disc in my Xbox One.

And was greatly surprised.

This version of Hellboy starts in the past as a group of knights track down and kill Nimue the Blood Queen. This witch wants to do nothing more than raise an army of creatures to slay everyone and take the world for herself. However, she is betrayed by her own kind and is executed as she is chopped into pieces and each of the pieces are locked away in a box. And this is the START of the film folks! I don’t want to give much away but I will say that this version of the film seems to follow the comics better than the previous two movies. Also, David Harbour plays a GREAT version of Hellboy and with Ian McShane as his father this alone makes the movie worth watching!

There are also a few special features on the disc including some deleted scenes as well as some pre-visualizations of some of the scenes in the movie. There is also a featurette called Tales of the Wild Hunt: Hellboy Reborn and this is a three part documentary that focuses on how the movie came into being.

If you are a fan of the comics then you need to check out Hellboy. For more information on this and other films head over to and get ready to fight the forces of darkness.