Go Back to Hope County in Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry 5 you were tasked with tackling the Eden’s Gate cult that was infesting Hope County and it was an amazing game from start to finish. Now in the latest instalment of Far Cry we go back to Hope County in Far Cry New Dawn. But are you wanting to go back to this county or should you stick to another game?

The events that are set in New Dawn take place seventeen years after the previous instalment as a nuclear apocalypse has devastated mankind. This event known as “The Collapse” has left its radiated scars on the world as the survivors try rebuild Hope County. However, they are impeded at every turn by a group of roving bandits that call themselves The Highwaymen. This group is lead by twin sisters Mickey and Lou who will not tolerate any uprising in their territory. You play as the Captain as you ride around in a railroad car and try to assist anyone that you come across. However, the Highwaymen see this locomotive coming from miles away and attack it and this is where your story starts.

As you make your way through the campaign there are a few changes that have taken place. For starters you are given a powerful weapon off the bat and that is the saw launcher. This weapon will launch a sawblade that bounces off surfaces and will impact two to three enemies. The saw launcher is lethal at the first level and you will need that to go against the Highwaymen in this game. Now this game is not as long as Far Cry 5 as there are only 3 chapters in the game with 13 main story missions. However, don’t let that stop you as there are tons of things to do within this game even after the game is beaten. You will see multiple airdrops that will come in for the Highwaymen that you can secure and each of these contain valuable resources that you will need to craft items, weapons and even vehicles.

You also will be tasked to liberate various outposts that the Highwaymen control and if you are successful you will be rewarded with ethanol. This substance can be used to upgrade your base of operations and when you do this you are granted more powerful weapons, more health or even the ability to get a helicopter. There’s also people that you can rescue that will bring new skills to your team as well as people you can recruit.  However, unlike the previous Far Cry’s these soldiers can and WILL die if you are not careful enough in your approach. If that’s the case you can recruit them again but you will need to pay the price for that. This means you need to manage your resources carefully if you want to survive the attacks from the Highwaymen.

Another thing that I love about this game is the price as it is not a $60 game but rather $39.99 as you will get enough of an experience just to keep you playing the game. The main storyline can be completed in a few hours if you want to go that way but there are also a lot of other things to do as you can find more characters to recruit either to help out your base or to help fight by your side.

With a great setting and amazing characters Far Cry New Dawn is a game everyone can pick up and play even if you haven’t touched any game in the series. For more information about this game head over to https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/home and get ready to experience Hope County after the apocalypse.