Return to Full Moon Hollow in Ghoul Scouts Vol. 2

A coming-of-age story for Goonies and Monster Squad fans

Writer(s): Steve Bryant
Artist Name(s): Mark Stegbauer, Jason Millet
Cover Artist(s): Mark Stegbauer, Jason Millet

32 pgs./ E / FC

Return to the town of Full Moon Hollow, the “Paranormal Capital of the World,”and re-join the ragtag team of monster hunting scouts as they take on the latest threat: a werewolf! The series hearkens back to movies like The Goonies and Monster SquadPullbox Reviews says GHOUL SCOUTS is “SMART, like a Harry Potter book or the delightful Oddly Normal.”

The creative team from the first volume is back. Eisner, Manning, and Harvey Award-nominee Steve Bryant (ATHENA VOLTAIRE) writes this latest GHOUL SCOUTS adventure, along with artist/co-creator Mark Stegbauer, color team Jason Millet and Drew Browne, and editor Chris Murrin.

“Since the first series, this group of misfits have grown together with a pretty tight bond,” said artist Mark Stegbauer. “They’ve laughed, cried, and celebrated. But also stayed true to themselves and really developed their individuality and diversity.”
Writer Steve Bryant adds, “The group is in a new place; they’re now a real team. It’s fun to show how their relationships and interpersonal dynamics have changed.”

The complete volume collects the four issue mini-series and will be available on July 4, 2018. Pre-order it with the Diamond item code MAY181249.