Get Ready to Be Shook with Shudder

I fell in love with horror when I stumbled across a magazine on the newsstands called Fangoria. While they did have an article on animated series from Japan they also covered Salem’s Lot and I was hooked on horror. There are more than a few streaming services that have a horror section but some of them are lacking. However, as I was listening to a new podcast called Darkest Night they were sponsored by Shudder. As I dug deeper I decided to reach out to the people over at Shudder and this is what they had to say. 

TR: Please Introduce yourself.

SR: I’m Sean Redlitz. I oversee press and audience development for Shudder, which means I get the enviable job of letting journalists and Shudder members know about all the amazing things coming to the service.

TR: For those that don’t know tell us a bit about Shudder.

SR: Shudder is a premium, ad-free service offering a curated collection of both new and iconic horror films and series. We add new exclusives every month—original series like Creepshow and new horror films like Tigers Are Not Afraid and One Cut of the Dead—along with other recent titles and fan favorites to our growing library. We also have original series and specials like The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and our first original documentary, Horror Noire

If you love horror, Shudder is the streaming service you’ve probably been waiting your whole life for. I admit I’m biased, but I felt that way even before I worked here. Earlier in my career I worked at FEARnet and had friends who worked at Chiller, and while there were great shows and films at both, neither can hold a candle to the quality and value of Shudder. We’re available in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland, streaming on nearly all of your favorite devices, including Android and iOS, web, Xbox, Roku, Amazon FireStick and Apple TV.

C What are some of the movies you can watch on Shudder?

SR: I’ve listed a few already, but the choices are vast. Really, we’ve got something for fans of every type of horror. In the mood for an old-school slasher? We’re the exclusive streaming home for both John Carpenter’s Halloween and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and our library includes classics like Black Christmas and modern slashers like Party Hard, Die Young and The Ranger. Giant monsters? Try Boar and Q The Winged Serpent. Ghosts? Terrified and The Changeling. Horror docs? Never Sleep Again and King Cohen. Whatever you’re in the mood for, from killers to comedies, we’ve got a collection waiting for you.


TR: Creepshow recently premiered, can you tell us a bit more about that?


SR: Creepshow is a Shudder original horror anthology series based on the iconic 80s movie written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero. If you love that classic (and honestly, who doesn’t?), showrunner Greg Nicotero—also an executive producer of The Walking Dead and a makeup FX legend—has cooked up 12 stories full of blood, gore and practical effects. Our aim is to live up to the original series tagline, “the most fun you’ll ever have being scared!”

Among the many guest stars are Adrienne Barbeau, who was in the original Creepshow film, Tobin Bell (Saw), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), David Arquette (Scream), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), DJ Qualls (The Man in the High Castle), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Dana Gould (Ash vs. Evil Dead) and hip-hop artists Kid Cudi and Big Boi. The series features stories written by Joe Hill (NOS4A2), Josh Mallerman (Bird Box) and Joe R. Landsdale, among others, and segments directed by Nicotero, “Godfather of Gore” Tom Savini, John Harrison (Clive Barker’s Blook of Blood), Roxanne Benjamin (Body at Brighton Rock), David Bruckner (The Ritual) and Rob Schrab (Community). If you’re a fan of EC Comics and old school practical effects, this one is for you.

TR: Halloween is right around the corner what scary surprises do you have in store for us?

SR: We just announced our October lineup which, in addition to Creepshow, includes the Shudder exclusives The Furies, a lean, mean slasher from Australia; Gwen, a lush, dark, period piece about a girl who must overcome the evil that is taking grip of her home, with a stunning central performance by its young lead actor, Eleanor Worthington-Cox; Haunt, a creepy chiller from the writers of A Quiet Place; Nightmare Cinema, a new anthology movie from five amazing directors; and of course the return of our fan-favorite streaming 24/7 jack-o-lantern, The Ghoul Log, along with the sequel, Return of Ghoul Log directed by horror great Larry Fessenden. 

TR: Will Shudder bring us more original series going into 2020?

SR: More series, more original and exclusive movies every month, more must-see horror films from around the world. If you’ve enjoyed 2019, we plan to deliver even more for you to love in 2020. 

TR: If someone is sold on Shudder how much is it per month?

SR: You can sign up for a 7-day trial to experience Shudder risk-free, after which it’s just $5.99 a month or, even better, just $4.75 a month if you sign up for a whole year.  

TR:If you could bring any movie or TV show to Shudder what would it be?

SR: Oooh, good question. A few years ago, I finally discovered the mind-melting weirdness that is Andrzej Żuławski’s Possession, a 1981 film starring Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill. It’s a film I always want to show people, so I’d love to have it on Shudder so I could queue it up any time the mood struck, day or night.


Seeing as October has just come upon us and it’s time for all things spooky you should check out Shudder. You can check it out for seven days for free and believe me if you love Creepshow it is definitely worth it. For more information on this terrifying new service head over to and get ready to be scared.