FPG Holiday Guide 2017


During this holiday season it might be a bit daunting to find that perfect gift for someone on your list. For fans of comics our appreciation of the medium is mostly visual and some of us love to collect art and books about art. While there are many companies that have books that cover various artists there are a few that stand out and the folks over at FPG come to mind. They have some great books that have some wonderful illustrations and here are a few that you can either pick up or pre-order today. Here are some of these beautifully illustrated volumes that you might want to add to your shopping list for either yourself or a loved one.

The Art of Ploog: This volume collects the art done by the most talented artist known as Mike Ploog. This acclaimed artist got his first start when he was in the marines working in the Leathernecks magazine. From there he has worked for Marvel Comics on such iconic titles as Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night and Planet of the Apes. He has also worked on live action films (The Thing, X-Men and Little Shop of Horrors) as well as animated features (Lord of the Rings, Wizards and Shrek). This massive 352 page volume has tons of art from all of these and other projects and if you are a fan of any type of art you need to check this out. There are a few limited editions that even include some original artwork, but the base edition right now is on sale for under $40!

Goliath: Everyone loves a good story and Goliath is no exception as I call this a storybook for grownups. Goliath takes place in prehistoric times and follows the adventures of a family known as the Ty clan. The Ty clan is no stranger to the perils of this hostile land and wants to find a place where they can finally live in peace. When they hear of such of a place they embark on a journey that leads them over some of the harshest environments imaginable where they will face dangers they never dreamed of. But as they make their way there the clan retells stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. But are these stories of the guardians true or are they just myths? Will they make it to the paradise that was promised to them? All this and more is contained in this 88 page epic of a story that is written by Michael Friedlander and beautifully illustrated by Mike Ploog. It’s a steal at under $20.

Thicker Than Blood: For the horror fan on your list you need to check out this masterfully done graphic novel that collects all three issues of this series. The tale takes place in the highlands of Scotland as two brothers trek along this great country. As the day wears on and the mists enshroud them, they look for a place where they can find shelter. Day turns to night and their choice of location will change their lives forever. This great tale is penned by Simon Reed and is drawn by Mike Ploog and comes in two versions. The first one is a black and white version where you can see the original artwork that shines through. The second one is a fully painted version done by the extremely talented Simon Bisley and this takes the book to the next level! The artwork seems to pop right off the page as the painted images are just breathtaking to behold. This book is available right now for pre-order and you should be able to get it under the tree right in time for Christmas.

Thicker Than Blood Collected Artwork Edition: If you are a fan of the above book, then you need to check out the collected artwork edition. Each page is presented in a side by side comparison as you can see the black and white art on the left done by Mike Ploog and the colored version done by Simon Bisley. Each page and cover is presented without any text or dialogue as these are the raw copies for us to enjoy in an unaltered format. Even the 12”x17” dimensions dwarf the original graphic novel and if you are a fan of either artist and loved the collected work you need to check this out.

These four offerings are just a sample of what FPG has in store for the coming year and to check out any of these books simply go to https://www.fpguniverse.com where you can order right from the publisher itself.