Fan Expo Canada 2014

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Fan Expo Canada 2014 opened its doors at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre again on Thursday and the annual celebration of all things geek enabled pop culture enthusiasts to get autographs and their pictures taken with celebrities including pro wrestling’s Hulk Hogan, Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Michael Rooker.

Cosplayers young and old were everywhere. Fans enjoyed dressing up as their favourite pop culture icons and the care and detail put into the costumes was impressive, particularly some of the Boba Fetts and Storm Troopers, including one zombie trooper who growled his way through the packed aisles.
Over the last two days fans were treated to screenings of new television shows (Star Wars: Rebels, The Awesomes), celebrity Q&A’s and had the chance to purchase a myriad of collectibles from the vendors on Level 800 of the Convention Centre. Gamers had the opportunity to play racing games while sitting in a F1 inspired car and to watch a Star Craft tournament on a giant video screen.

For the comic book enthusiast, back issues are in abundance and Artist Alley gives fans a chance to meet their favourite creators up close for personal sketches and a few minutes of chit chat during signings. Throughout the weekend, budding artists who have dreams of drawing in the comic book industry have the opportunity to get their portfolios reviewed by talent scouts at DC and Marvel.

Given the large crowds and the events on Thursday and Friday, the final two days of the convention will have a lot to keep fans delighted. Some of the weekend’s highlights include today’s meet and greet with living legend Stan Lee, DC’s 75th Anniversary Batman panel, an appearance by the cast of Lost Girl and tomorrow’s panel with William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.

If you plan to head down to Fan Expo Canada 2014 this weekend, remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, look for the volunteers in green shirts near the Convention Centre and you’ll be able to purchase your tickets from them using a debit or credit card. Most of all though, have fun and get your geek on!