E3 Goes Virtual in 2021

One of the blessings of Covid-19 was the ability to experience things virtually. There have been more than a few conventions that have shifted their presence online and going forward who knows if there will be a hybrid of cons in the future. Imagine being able to go to a convention virtually for a small fee and have access to the same things that con-goers do. However, as things are starting to open up E3 has decided to host it online for a second year in a row.

While this might be a disappointment for some, this year might be bigger than last year’s show. Last year Devolver Digitial put out an actual game that showcased the games that they were going to release in the up and coming year. Who knows what other companies have in store for us? Now we also have the addition of virtual reality programs like VR Chat where we can actually have a virtual E3 world in VR Chat. And one of the greatest things about VR Chat is that you do not need to have a VR helmet to join in on the fun.

So what are some of the games slated for announcement at this year’s E3? Nothing has been confirmed as of yet however, we are thinking that there might be information from games such as Dead Island 2, Grand Theft Auto VI, Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI just to name a few. We know for a fact that Ubisoft will probably show off Far Cry 6 and that game looks absolutely amazing. We will find out later this year as this event will take place from June 12th to the 15th

What are some of the games that you are excited for at this year’s E3? Is there a game you are hoping to hear from this year? Let us know as we love to hear from you.