DOA III Might Make You Lose Your Lunch


DOA III has tales that might make you lose your mind and your lunch

When I had stumbled across the series “Knuckle Supper” on the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights podcast page I was floored. Each of these chapters made me realize how great the telling of the story was. However, this was never your typical vampire story as it progresses it takes various twists and turns that will leave the reader wanting more. Now the folks over at Blood Bound Books have an anthology series called DOA (for those that don’t know it stands for Dead on Arrival). The latest in the series is simply entitled DOA III and there is a warning on the back of the cover that states:

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…. You’ll vomit”

30 stories make up this tome and believe me when I say that most of these stories will push the envelope of what is horror. This is not just a best of horror collection that comes out every year with some tales that you might find neat. No my dear reader these stories tackle some things that might press on some of your nerve endings so you have been warned. The first entry is simply entitled “Notches” and it deals with a group of female students who run a support group that involves body mutilation. However, the tale takes a drastic turn in only a few sentences as the group will have to deal with an interloper. This first story does deal with self harm and it is a very touchy subject for some.

And this is only the first story in this collection.

There are stories in this volume that push the boundaries of horror to its limits and nothing is off limits. I am not just talking about the gore that soaks into the pages like a sponge. Subjects like necrophilia, obsession, bullying and body horror are just some of the twisted scenarios that play out in this volume. For me I loved the first story and it had me primed to read some of the other tales in this volume and I can definitely say that I am not disappointed. At all.

The authors that make up this collection are nothing to sneeze at either as you have some great ones such as John Skipp, Lloyd Kaufman & Lily Haze, Richard Christian Matheson and Jeff Strand just to name a few. I for one loved this collection of stories as they are not your typical horror stories and some will push you past your comfort level. That to me is horror done right. If you are interested in this and other volumes such as these you can check it out over at but like I said in the beginning… don’t say I didn’t warn you.