Disney Shows off Latest Trailer for She-Hulk Attorney at Law


When I first heard about Disney+ and the series that were going to be brought to I was a little skeptical at first. There were some series that I thought were going to be throwaways such as Ms. Marvel. However, after finishing that series I can tell you that it isn’t the case and you should definitely watch it. The next series that is up is She-Hulk and the official trailer debuted at this year’s SDCC.

All I can say is that I am impressed by this trailer as the character behaves like it would in the comics. She-Hulk is the only character other than Deadpool to break the fourth wall (as in talking to the audience). The trailer shows Jen and Bruce training on a remote island as she’s trying to get a handle on her powers. At first Bruce thinks that she’s not ready; however, she’s doing better than he predicts and she decides to go back to the world. Upon returning as a lawyer she’s met by Thunderbolt Ross who wants her to head a law division to reign in superpowered types.

The rest of the trailer looks simply amazing and I am hyped for this series. Thankfully we will not have to wait long as it is being released on August 17th. There is even a cameo from Daredevil at the end of the trailer! Are you ready for this series? Let us know by commenting below!