Disney+ Reveals a Dream Slate of Programming for 2021

This year has become a complete disaster thanks to COVID-19 as a lot of films, games and television series were either pushed back or cancelled outright. A lot of people were looking forward to events like San Diego Comic Con where most of the new series and trailers are dropped for these projects.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen and while SDCC had an online presence it wasn’t the same and felt a bit lackluster. We were missing the big announcements that used to rock Hall H that made people scream and shout in anticipation of these new projects.

However, yesterday Disney had its yearly investor meeting and usually those are filled with boring announcements about how well the company is doing and all that.

Not. This. Year.

This year it was filled with announcement after announcement about shows that are being brought to Disney+ and Hulu.

Things started off slow as we were given hints about three series that are coming to Hulu. The first was Y the Last Man based off the Veritgo comic series of the same name. This deals with a man who survives a nasty virus that targets only the males of our species. Males all over the world die except for one man who has to figure out his place in this new world. The next entry in American Horror Story was filled out with American Horror Stories and it looks like this is going to be an anthology series. I am looking forward to this. Hulu is also bringing an Alien series to life and I could not be happier as this will be an amazing series.

Fans of Star Wars will not be disappointed as there are more than a few series being worked on after the 2nd season of The Mandalorian. First we are getting a show based off of the Clone Wars titled The Bad Bunch which deals with a squad of clone troopers. However, this is only one of many series as we are getting including Visions (anime versions of various Star Wars properties) and another show called Rangers of the New Republic. But the shows keep coming as we are also getting shows based off of characters from movies such as Ashoka, Andor and even Obi Wan Kenobi (with Hayden Christensen as Vader)! Oh and last but definitely not least we are getting a Rogue Squadron series!

If you are a fan of cartoons then Disney has a lot of great properties lined up for you and the first is the relaunch of a beloved classic! Rescue Rangers has been announced as it is going to be a hybrid live action cartoon show and that alone makes me want it more! There are also going to be multiple series developed from famous movies. Zootopia+, Baymax!, Tiana and Moana! We are also getting a Willow series as well as reboots and sequels to other movies like Pinocchio, Turner and Hooch and Hocus Pocus 2!

Fans of Marvel rejoice as Disney has your back as there are more than a few shows that are going to be released. Starting out the earliest will be Wandavision which is going to be hitting Disney+ on January 15th! That’s right! Less than one month away we will be seeing Vision and The Scarlet Witch trapped in a myriad of realities but, can they break free? The next series debuting in March is the Falcon and Winter Soldier which happens after End Game as these two heroes find themselves taking up the mantle that Captain America had left behind. This series is set to start in March of next year and I cannot wait for this!

Everyone either loves or loves to hate Thor’s brother Loki and a new series dealing with him in a weird facility is going to be released later on. One of the series I am REALLY looking forward to is the animated series entitled What If? This series explores other realities where another path has been chosen for characters such as Peggy Carter becoming a super soldier or T’Challa being picked up by Yondu. There are also hints at Marvel Zombies in this trailer and I am extremely excited for this!

There is also going to be a Ms. Marvel series as well which deals with Kamala Khan and her family as she learns how to be a superhero. And this is the tip of the iceberg as we have tons more shows coming out including Hawkeye, I am Groot, Moon Knight, Secret Invasion, She Hulk, Ironheart, Armor Wars as well as a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. As for the movies they are going on as Shang Chi Legend of the Ten Rings has completed filming. We are also getting confirmation that Black Panther 2 is happening and the Panther will NOT be recast. Ant Man and the Wasp return in Quantumania and this film introduces one of the biggest villains in Marvel’s history…Kang the Conqueror! Oh and last but not least we’re getting a film based off another small franchise about four people who become fantastic. Yes folks, you heard it here we are getting a Fantastic Four movie in the MCU!

Granted some of these movies and shows will not be available until next year and going beyond into 2022 and 2023. However, one of the movies that Disney has been working on has been Soul and this is going to be released December 25th, 2020. And there are probably other series in the works so keep it tuned to Comix Asylum for more information on upcoming shows from  Disney and Disney+!