Disney Announces 2021 Release Schedule

What we have seen for Covid-19 is that most major motion picture studios are shifting their focus between movie theaters to online streaming outlets. Disney is doing the same thing as some of their projects have been pushed back; however, we have a list of what movies are coming to the streaming platform as early as May.

On May 28th Emma Stone will be starring in a live action film called Cruella. This movie chronicles the villain set in 1970’s London and the trailer looks stunning. Pixar will be releasing their next project called Luca about a sea monster that can take the shape of a young boy. This young boy loves to eat gelato and ride around on a scooter through the Italian countryside. You can expect to see this film pop up on Disney+ on June 18th. After countless delays Black Widow is going to be released July 9th and I for one cannot wait for it as this movie delves into the past of the title character. We get to see where she came from and the mysterious Taskmaster that is designed to take her out.

One of the most iconic rides at Disney has to be the Jungle Cruise and a movie is coming out on July 30th with Dwayne Johnson. This movie will have him play a riverboat captain as he is conscripted by Emily Blunt to find something magical deep in the Amazon. There hasn’t been an announcement for this to show up on Disney+ as of yet though. Ryan Reynolds stars in his latest movie entitled Free Guy on August 13th and he plays a bank teller living a boring life. However, one day he botches a bank robbery causing his life to change for the better.

The next Marvel movie is going to be Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. There isn’t much known about this movie however, we do know that the legend of the Ten Rings might refer back to the Mandarin which was in Iron Man 3. We will find more about this character on September 3rd. The final two months of 2021 will have back to back Marvel movies starting with the Eternals on November 5th. This movie focuses on the Celestials which are genetically engineered humans that were built in order to harvest cosmic energy. On December 17th we have Spider-Man: No Way Home and this continues where the last movie left off. With Spider-Man on the run after being falsely implicated in killing Mysterio this film has a lot of speculation behind it. Will this film be coming to Disney+? Right now it is sketchy as the previous two Spider-Man films are not on that streaming platform. However, this can change as Disney can come to an agreement with Sony over this.

And these are just some of the movies coming to both theaters and Disney+. What movie are you most excited to watch? Let us know as we love to hear from you!