Disney/20th Century Fox Wish List


There have been rumblings about Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox for quite sometime and when it was finally announced the fans were cheering because their favourite characters were brought back into the MCU fold. Nothing has been planned as of yet but there are a few things that we would love to see made into films and/or series. Here is a list of the top ten things we want to see come out of the merger.  

1. WW II Captain America Movie

Just like what happened in X-Men #268 in a World War II stricken Madripoor we could have a movie set in WW II where Captain America teams up with Wolverine as well as the folks from the Howling Commandos to take on a supernatural threat involving the Nazi’s. This movie would write itself and would have people going to the theaters in droves to see what they could whip up.  

2. Fantastic Four Netflix Series

Yes. You heard right. Why a netflix series instead of a movie? Simply put you can do more in a series and spend more time on the characters, development and such and NOT make it cheesy or stupid. Stick to the basic plotline in the original 1960’s comics as four close friends go into space, are exposed to cosmic radiation and come back to earth changed once and forever.  

3. Deadpool Vs. Punisher

The merc with a mouth versus a famous vigilante. This movie or series could start out with them both being enemies but while they find out they want the same thing they could team up and bring whatever criminal organization to its knees. Add the Hand in with this and you would have tons of cannon fodder for these guys to shoot at. 

4. Thing Vs. Hulk

While a lot of people think that the Hulk is the strongest out of the whole Marvel Universe the Thing is no slouch as well! If they met the property damage alone would be in the billions as they would lay waste to the city of Manhattan.  


5. Wolverine Vs. Hulk

YES. The most iconic battle that fans have been wanting could now be a reality. The Hulk could be retreating to the wilderness in order to collect his thoughts but when the Wolverine tracks him to his land it would be an all out brawl to decide who is the better predator.  

6. Deadpool Vs. Spiderman Homecoming

We have seen Tom Holland’s Spiderman go up against some pretty heavy hitters in Civil War but this would be like no other. It could start out with the Serpent Society and how Spiderman is investigating a rash of thefts that are occuring. But when Deadpool shows up and goes after Spidey the bullets will fly as he will not only have go after the merc with a mouth but the Serpent Society as well some of their heavy hitters (looking at you Anaconda!). 

7. X-Men Mojoverse Movie

THIS is the movie I would love to see as I was always a fan of the Mojoverse. This would be a great movie as the X-Men get sucked into an alternate universe and they are forced to battle in gladiator type combat. Throw in great villains like Mojo and Spiral as well as an appearance from Longshot and this is a hit on your hands. 

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Fantastic Four

This one kinda writes itself as the Fantastic Four had built a craft capable of travel into deep space. As they make their way far into the depths of space they run into the Skrulls which are a warlike race. Surrounded and with no way out they are rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy but will they be able to find their way back to earth? 

9. Rocket Racoon & Deadpool

THIS would be an insane thrill ride as Rocket Raccoon has been separated by the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Deadpool finds the trash panda and wants to help him get back home but some military types want to dissect Rocket for their own needs. The fur will fly in this action packed buddy comedy where they both love shooting at people. 

10. Avengers Vs X-Men

Saving the best for last as you have the X-Men who have been branded as traitors by the media. After a mutant has gone rogue the X-Men have become public enemy #1 and the Avengers are sent to stop them. Imagine the fight scenes in Civil War but taken up a notch as ALL the characters in the Marvel universe could be used in this conflict.   

And these are just some of the ideas that I came up with for these franchises. What would you love to see come out of this deal? Let us know! We would love to hear the movie ideas you would love to see get made.