Discord Coming to the Playstation Network


One of the ways that gamers talk to one another is through third party apps. Whether it’s using some type of team speak or chatting with other folks via Twitch or Skype there are a few options for people to communicate either in or out of game. One of the biggest platforms has to be Discord as it has at least 140 million users on it every month. Now it has been announced that Discord is partnering with the Playstation Network to bring this to the console sometime next year.

This is huge for the platform as you can be streaming or playing games and talking with gamers from around the world. It is also going to be another platform where you should be able to communicate with gamers on other platforms so you can have someone on the PC, the Playstation and a mobile device all at the same time!

Are you excited about this latest release from the Playstation Network? Will you use Discord when it comes to the PS4 or PS5? Let us know as we love to hear from you!