Destiny 2: First Exotic Weapon Thunderlord Available

So, Destiny 2 fans have finally learned how to earn their newest overpowered weapon, the exotic weapon Thunderlord.

The Thunderlord weapon is the reward for players after they finish the final steps of the “Journal of the Reef Cryptarch” quest, which was a quest that started during the Lost Halloween event. If you are all up to date with the quest and have solved the Murder of Master Ives, you were able to login in today and go on a journey to the Cosmodrome in Old Russia.

Here you must do a little bit of questing through ruins and the like, and go toe to toe with a new boss and Fallen enemies. After the regular wear and tear fighting is finished you shall be rewarded with the final exotic engram. The engram decrypts into the Thunderlord, and is likely a weapon that will be nerfed soon. That said, enjoy it will it’s hot and on the market now.

Not only is the Thunderlord the only machine gun currently available in Destiny 2, it also has some cool abilities. For example, if you kill enemies with the Thunderlord it literally rains lighting from the skies in the surrounding area. This is great for splash damage and teaching your enemies not to mess around with you. Another added perk is that while holding down trigger will increase your rate of fire, obviously as it’s a machine gun, killing enemies also increases the gun’s reload speed.

Admittedly it sounds a bit overpowered, but I will enjoy it while I can guys.