Deadly Class Comes to SyFy

Image comics has created some of the most iconic titles in the comic book industry today. Some of these series have transitioned into other mediums such as television. The Walking Dead was one of the first series that came along and it has been going strong for eight seasons. There have been other comics that have been adapted to series such as Outcast and others translated to film such as Officer Downe and the upcoming I Kill Giants. However, SyFy has also entered into the game with the series Happy! which came out earlier this year. The show about a washed up ex-cop turned private investigator as he teams up with a girl’s imaginary friend became an instant hit.

Now SyFy is trying to recapture that success with Deadly Class.

If you’ve never read the comics Deadly Class is a school for assassins. The main character is Marcus Lopez a street kid trying to make a living. One day he is enrolled into the school of assassins and soon finds himself literally fighting for his life. Other kids are enrolled at the school however, they are byproducts of mass murderers and mob bosses and he is not. Will he make it in this new setting?

I for one am excited about this project because SyFy took a gamble on Happy! and it paid off. Now they are betting on Deadly Class and if this takes off who knows? They may decide to do more adaptations of some of your favorite books! Personally, I would love to see SyFy tackle the following shows:

Five Ghosts: Because tell me how awesome it would be to see Fabian Gray harness the power of five literary ghosts!

East of West: A dystopian futuristic western (which would be popular with Westwold viewers!) in which the four horsemen of the apocalypse exist? Yes PLEASE!

Peter Panzerfaust: Imagine if Peter Pan was set within World War II France. That could be SyFy’s next hit and since it’s a limited it could be told over 1or 2 seasons.

The sky’s the limit and if you want to see SyFy make more comics into TV shows all I can say to you is to watch every episode of Deadly Class and tell your friends. Who knows? The next show they might make could be one of your favorite comics!