Daniel Warren Johnson Talks Extremity and Murder Falcon

What I love about Image comics is that they never fail to produce quality titles. From the original titles such as Spawn and Cyberforce to greater hits such as the Walking Dead and Outcast they have always told some great stories. Lately I caught wind of another unique project that was coming out by someone we interviewed before for the title Extremity. I had a chance to catch up with Daniel Warren Johnson on his new project and this is what he had to say about it and Extremity:

TR: Please Introduce yourself.

DWJ: Hi, I’m Daniel Warren Johnson and I’m a Chicago-based comic artist, musician, metal enthusiast, husband and father!

TR: Tell us a little about some of the previous projects you have worked on.

DWJ: I’ve worked on a bunch of projects for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Skybound and Image Comics, who actually published my last comic Extremity. I am also updating my webcomic, Space Mullet when I have the time.

TR: Now one of the projects you are working on is Extremity. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

DWJ: Sure! Extremity focuses on Thea, a talented young artist and the daughter of Abba Jerome, leader of a clan in a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters and machines. Her talent was taken from her when a rival clan attacks her family, murders her mother and takes her drawing hand. She then joins her father and brother in a quest for revenge and to try and find her new identity, now that her being as an artist has been marred. Extremity is complete at two volumes, and I’m super proud of it.

TR:  We also have heard a rumor that Extremity is being developed into another medium like film or TV. Can you confirm this?

DWJ: I would love for this to be a reality one day!

TR: Tell us about your latest project, Murder Falcon.

DWJ: Murder Falcon is a story about Jake, a former guitarist for a metal band. His band broke up, his significant other is gone. He’s pretty much lost the will to live until one day, the spirit of MURDER FALCON emerges from his broken guitar and transforms it into a super strat shredder. Sent from another dimension to defeat all evil on earth, Murder Falcon is fueled by the power of metal, and the better Jake shreds, the better Murder Falcon fights!

TR: How did you come up with this idea? It seems pretty amazing to me!

DWJ: My brother Timmy is into roller derby, and he’s part of the Mass Maelstrom B team in Massachusetts. He was trying to come up with ideas for his derby name, and one of the names on the list was “Murder Falcon.” I told him not to choose that name, because as soon as I saw that name I knew it could be the title of a comic book! That night before I went to sleep, I thought of the whole story in one go. It’s a crazy origin story, but I owe all of it to the name my brother came up with.  Thanks Tim!

TR: After such hits as Extremity and the soon to be Murder Falcon what’s next for you?

DWJ: No idea! The only sure thing is that I’ll be writing and drawing it again. I love this process too much now to do anything different. Stay tuned!

TR: What would be the one dream project you would love to do?

DWJ: I’d love to have the creative freedom to play in the Firefly world for a bit. I also love Beta Ray Bill. Or a Rogue Squadron book. We’ll see!

TR: You went to San Diego Comic Con this year how was it?

DWJ: This was actually my first time attending San Diego Comic Con. It was a shock because it was so much bigger than New York Comic Con, which was the biggest con I’ve ever been to so far. It was a blast and it was great to meet so many people on the west coast who are excited about my work.

TR: Anything else you’d like to add?

Murder Falcon comes out on October 3, so please support this awesome comic about a kickass kung fu fighting falcon and the healing power of music!

And there you have it! If you are a fan of metal, monsters and kung fu then you need to check out Murder Falcon when it hits the store shelves. For more information on this and other books head over to www.imagecomics.com and get ready to experience the true power of metal!