Bring Some Dynamite to Your Holidays!

Right now the deadline for shopping for Christmas presents is looming ever closer and some people have already finished shopping. However, if you have been procrastinating and have a few comic book fans to shop for then you need not look further than Dynamite Entertainment as they have great licenses as well as interesting concepts as well.

If you have a fan of the Amazon Prime series The Boys then this is an easy one as this was adapted from the Dynamite Comics series. There are a few volumes of the Omnibus that collect issues from the series and there are six volumes. Each of these volumes has 300+ pages and can be bought for $29.99 each. However, if you wanted to step it up a bit you could always go with the definitive edition as these have bonus materials such as a script to the first issue and a cover gallery. These will set you back $75.00 each and volume 2 is even signed by the writer Garth Ennis!

For fans of the James Bond franchise and with the hype of the No Time to Die trailer that was just released Dynamite has you covered. They have adapted Live and Let Die into a hardcover graphic novel as Bond tracks a few foes around the world. This 168 page volume has gorgeous art throughout as it is done by Kewber Baal and written by Van Jensen based off the original works of Ian Fleming. This perfect Bond gift can be yours to either keep or give to a fan of the franchise for $24.99

If you have a fan of the works of Joseph Michael Linser and his work then you might want to consider a statue Dynamite has for sale. Based off his comic Dawn, the Goddess of Rebirth is finally brought to life in three dimensions. This gorgeous statue is sculpted by the talented Steve Kiwus and is 3.75” wide at the base and 12.5” tall! As Dawn stands there looking at the viewer she grips a broken sword in one hand and has a theatrical mask in the other. This amazing gift will be more than enough to complete someone’s Dawn collection and it can be purchased for $189.99.

Everyone knows of Red Sonja the she-devil with a sword and there have been some amazing tales of her exploits. However, none are as legendary as Gail Simone’s take on the franchise and she has written for other titles such as Batgirl and Birds of Prey. This massive oversized hardcover edition collects the entire saga in 528 pages as fans will love this action driven warrior. The art is done by Walter Geovani and Jack Jadson and you can see the battles unfold on every page. The story centers around Red Sonja finally meeting up with another fearsome warrior that goes by the name of Dark Annisia. This warrior has made Red Sonja do what countless others have not been able to.. bringing her to her knees in surrender. This tome could be the perfect gift and it is yours for $49.99

For those that are looking to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vampirella look no further than The Art of Vampirella 50th Anniversary Poster Book. This 42 page softcover has some of the best covers that have ever been published by Dynamite Entertainment. 20 posters that are printed on 12”x16” heavy cardstock can easily be removed from this book to display on your walls. Some of the biggest names in comics lend their talents to this book including Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Joseph Michael Linser, Billy Tucci and Joshua Middleton just to name a few! If you have someone that is a die hard fan of vampires then you need to get them this poster book and it is only $24.99

When I woke up on Christmas in 1977 I ran downstairs and unwrapped my first video game console which was the Atari 2600. I can remember being in the store and being drawn in to all the games with amazing box art and there is a book that Dynamite offers to cater to the fans of this classic gaming system. The Art of Atari explores some of the art, designs and lore that went into making everything Atari from the home console to the machines that dominated arcades. This hardcover has 352 pages that not only show off some of the art used for the classic cartridges but other concept art that was never used! If you have a fan that loves retro gaming then you can get this for the low price of $39.99

With such great franchises under their belt it is no wonder that Dynamite Entertainment has some of the best gifts for comic book fans out there. For more information on these and other products including how to order direct from the company head over to and get the gifts they want this Christmas.