Binge Harley Quinn on DC Universe Before Season 2 Finale

With the season two finale airing today, the complete second season of DC UNIVERSE’s original animated comedy, Harley Quinn, is available to binge exclusively on DC UNIVERSE!

Following the crazy antics of Harley and her crew, this explosive season takes viewers through Harley’s journey as she finds her own identity in a post-Joker Gotham. As Harley tries to defeat the Injustice League and take over Gotham, this season introduces iconic DC characters like Catwoman and Batgirl, and sees the return of the Justice League. With a focus on the love developing between Harley and Ivy, this season also shows romance with members within the Justice League, Joker’s new family, and the heartbreak Kite Man endures as his relationship with Ivy crumbles.


Fans can also catch DC Daily’s recent interview with Harley Quinn’s Jason Alexander, who voices everyone’s favorite landlord Sy Borgman, as he talks about his quarantine hobbies, his experience on the show and the fate of his beloved Harley Quinn character.

DC Daily and the first two seasons of Harley Quinn can be streamed exclusively on DC UNIVERSE.