Benitez Productions Supports Local Comic Shops

Benitez Productions Sending Half of Online Sales to Local Comic Shops

We’ve been hearing from retailers who are struggling during this
coronavirus pandemic so we wanted to do what we can to help while also
encouraging everyone to stay home so we can defeat this virus as quickly
as possible!  Benitez Productions is therefore following the example set
by TKO Studios and offering to let our online customers give 50% of
their purchases on to the local comic shop of their
choice, just as if they’d bought the books in store but without having
to leave home!

We are in lockdown here in Los Angeles and taking advantage of the
forced convention cancellations to catch up on the creative side and try
to get as many books finished as we can. We encourage everyone to please
stay home as much as possible, even if it isn’t mandated by their city
or state.  The more we all work together and practice aggressive social
distancing, the more lives we will save and the sooner this crisis will
be over!  So please stay safe, stay home, and read comics!

Comic stores can contact us at to set up their
payment information.

Benitez Productions publishes the best-selling steampunk comic LADY
MECHANIKA, about a young woman in the Victorian Era with mechanical
limbs and no memory of her past, who investigates mysteries involving
science and the supernatural while trying to solve the mystery of her
own origins.  The first issue #0 is available free on Comixology, or via
the following link:

Thank you, and stay safe!