Avengers Are Getting Prepared for the Endgame

I can remember back in 2008 as I was excited to sit in a theater to see the first of the newest Marvel movies. That movie was Iron Man as we saw the birth of the iconic character on the silver screen. Since then there have been more than a few movies based on the Marvel franchise all culminating with The Avengers. In the last Avengers movie (Infinity War) we saw Thanos lay to waste half of the universe with a snap of his fingers. Now the latest installment of this epic saga is upon us and here is my review of Avengers: Endgame.

First I want to say that there are some MINOR spoilers in this review. The MAJOR ones I am going to leave out as they are going to ruin the film. The movie starts at the home of Hawkeye as he is spending time with his family and it is a very touching scene. Hawkeye goes behind a tree and shortly afterwards you can see his entire family disappear in the snap. That is how the film starts and you can see how people are coping with the loss of their loved ones during the snap five years later. At one point we see that it shifts to a storage facility in San Francisco and this facility houses the van that has the quantum tunnel that Ant Man had gone through. By chance a rat clicks a button on it, activates a return sequence and with that Scott is back! He has no idea what’s going on so he manages to get back to the Avenegers HQ to the shock of Captain America and Black Widow. They take him in and Scott has an inkling of a plan to try to see if they can reverse the events that have transpired. Will his idea work? What would be the cost to bring these people back?Some people have a problem with the length of this film as it is three hours long however, to me it doesn’t really feel like it. There is also no after credits scene however, there is an audio clip that you might want to stick around for (and no, I am not saying what it is). To me this film is a great culmination of this latest round of Avengers movies and I cannot wait to see where Marvel goes from here. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece as of yet all I can say is to go to the theater and give this a watch as this ties up all the loose ends in a neat, little bow.